Realtime 3D

Realtime 3D  provides a unique experience where users are able to navigate their own way through a streetscape, urban centre or individual building.

Users can “roam” through a street or building, free to walk up to and investigate areas of interest to them.

In comparison, traditional videos or 3D flythroughs are linear and do not provide users with the freedom to navigate where and how they want to.

Community members and stakeholders can hold one of the specially-designed cards in their hand, and by using their mobile phone, iPad or computer, appear to be holding a 3D building or piece of infrastructure in their hand. They can build walls, look through windows and turn the building around to see it from all directions.

This system of visualisation has proven to be far more appealing than traditional architectural plans or still renders.

Use when you need to:

  • Communicate effectively

Style of interaction:

  • Share

Product / Service features

Communications, Simulation,