Using a consensus process

Consensus doesn’t always mean everyone has to agree. Anthony Cabraal from Loomio provides some tips to consensus online and when a consensus process works best.

When to use a Citizens’ Jury

Choosing to use a Citizens’ Jury for an engagement is a big decision – particularly because of the resources and time they require. Kimba White from Mosaic Lab discusses when a Citizens’ Jury may or may not be right for you.

Introducing Loomio

Anthony Cabraal introduces Loomio and how it can be useful in stakeholder engagement.

Engagement is not consultation (and you need to start planning differently)

Engagement is a tricky term. How its understood can vary depending on the context or organisation. At worst it rebrands consultation, when consultation has lost favour. This misses an opportunity. And will repeat the same mistakes. Engagement is not simply synonymous with consultation. It requires thinking about and involving stakeholders from the earliest planning stages of a project, right through until after its implementation.

This post explores how to planning can help switch from a consultative to an engagement mindset. Read more…

When is the best time to engage?

You can engage with stakeholders at all stages of a project. From input on planning to measuring its success. So how do you know the best time to engage for your project – particularly if you are using digital tools?

Crispin Butteriss from Bang the Table discusses when and how to introduce digital tools into your project in this video.

Try a walk-shop

Change up your ideas about community mapping by trying a walkshop. Gilbert Rochecouste describes how Village Well uses a walkshop to create local solutions & advocates.