Activities are the bread and butter of engagement. Choose one that is designed to deliver the outcomes you need, then adapt and tailor it for your unique situation and stakeholders. Use the filters below to help narrow your search.

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Lead time


Quickly getting information to a wide audience

Advisory committee, board or council

Expert advice and ongoing guidance

Call for submissions

Fast, detailed feedback on specific content

Citizens’ jury

Enabling a citizen decision-making forum

Citizens’ panel

An established, representative group that can be readily consulted

Codesign process

Ensuring participants play a part in designing the outcomes

Collaborative problem definition

Group scoping and analysis process

Community mapping

Identifying assets in an area as an input to problem-solving

Consultative interview

One-on-one in-depth discussions

Deliberative polling

Smarter, more representative polling of opinions

Delphi process

Consensus-based document creation


Visually and concisely communicate information

Focus group

Small-group conversations to unpack issues and preferences

Free call / 1800 numbers

Getting information to a broad audience that isn’t tech-savvy

Information kit

A deliberation-support tool

Interactive e-conferencing

Electronic public meetings or presentations

Media events

Using the media to help spread a message

Nominal group process

Group solution generation, ranking and voting technique

Policy wiki

Collaborative online policy editing

Press release

Getting key information to media outlets quickly using your language


Facilitated small-group discussion


Quickly turning opinions and data into useful statistics

Trade show / exhibition

Finding a captive audience for specific feedback or promotion


Enabling participants to set an agenda & discuss issues they care most about

Bilateral meetings

Informal discussions to explore distinct perspectives and the rationales behind them

Community or public meeting

Inviting feedback from community audiences


Collaboratively ideating and visually representing solutions

Consensus conference

Uncovering points of consensus for better planning and communication

Consensus forum

Discovering points of consensus across a representative group

Constituent assembly

An elected representative group determining the drafting of, or changes to, a constitution

Search conference

Enabling participants to arrive at a shared understanding, strategy and way forward

Ideas Challenge

Crowdsourcing solutions

Issues conference

Discussion-and deliberation-focused conference event

Computer-assisted participation/democracy

Using technology to enable citizen voting or self-identification on a spectrum


Using votes to prioritise options