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We help government run excellent, effective public consultations If you work in government (or a related organisation), we bring you tools that make it easy to involve citizens in decision making. People working in government have suffered too long with digital tools that aren’t good enough. We’re helping change that. We help people give their views on decisions that affect them For citizens (and we’re all citizens), our goal is better public services and a healthy, functioning democracy. The relationship between those who govern and those who are governed is evolving. Our platforms make it easier for you to be involved in policy decisions and the design of public services. One thing that’s always mattered to us (and we think sets us apart) is that our brand of digital democracy is engaging both inside and outside the government building. It takes two to do the democracy tango. Our platforms improve …



Collabforge is a Melbourne-based firm that specialises in driving collaboration and innovation, both within and across organisations through strategy, facilitation and technology. The majority of our clients are within the public sector, including both local agencies and international bodies. Our core team of strategy specialists is led by Dr. Mark Elliott who brings a wealth of leadership, expertise and experience to each project. We’re supported by an international network of strategists, designers and developers, enabling us to deliver comprehensive and innovative end to end solutions.